couple sitting on a blanket in the sand looking at each other

Morro Rock Engagement

Sarah and Eric were so fun to work with! Sarah mentioned that they may need some help with posing, but they did great! Since my style involved very little posing, we were the perfect fit. I simply gave them some prompts and they were golden! Morro Rock proved to be the perfect location for these two lovebirds and their engagement photos.

We started on the top of one of the sand dunes. It ended up being too foggy to see Morro Rock, but I love it! The great thing about this location is that it works so well, even when the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Beach Grass

After we finished with the photos on the dune, we headed down the sand just a bit. There’s an area just below the top of the dune that opens up and offers some small trails to explore. This is one of my favorite areas to photograph in. The plants in the sand are a unique feature and there’s almost no one around.

Morro Bay Shoreline

We finally headed to the shoreline to finish up the photos. The sand was extra rocky due to a recent storm, but Sarah and Eric took off their shoes and had fun anyway. The wet, sandy beach was the perfect spot to end the engagement session.

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