couple walking together in the sand at the Morro Bay dunes

Morro Bay Dunes

Justin and Diana are such an adorable couple and I’m so excited to photograph their wedding later this year. They have some close family ties to the area, so having a Morro Bay engagement session was an easy choice for them.

The weather held out perfectly for their engagement session and the clouds provided the perfect amount of light. Morro Rock was shining brightly as their backdrop. What I love most about this couple is how comfortable they are with each other. They’ve been together for ten years and finally decided to take the leap.

We started in the dunes by the beach and worked our way around the area, finding some fun places to explore for engagement photos.

Dune Trails

Just down the hill, the dunes open up into this beautiful brush area with low bushes and some small trails. We explored there just a touch and had some more fun before heading down to the water to get a little more messy.

The Beach

We made our way to a couple areas of the beach. First, we stopped at some driftwood for some photos of Justin and Diana cuddling in the dry sand. Then, we headed top the water’s edge and I secretly hoped they would splash each other a bunch. They did get a little wet, but it was a bit chilly, so I understood not wanting to get soaking wet.

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