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Spanish Oaks Ranch Engagement

Jason and Kirisa are getting married! To celebrate, we headed out to Spanish Oaks Ranch for some engagement photos. Their wedding will also be held at this venue, so it was a great choice for getting some pre-wedding photos. They fit right in at the ranch!

Loving the Barn!

We parked right outside the main barn, so we started there for photos. I quickly learned that Jason was all about the pictures, but Kirisa was a little more hesitant to have her picture taken. Time to take it up a notch! Since Kirisa was a bit like me and being in front of the camera is not her favorite, I decided to take a much more relaxed approach with their photos.

I normally have couples play games to get some real smiles, but with this couple, I needed to make sure we did that a lot. I’m so glad we did! Kirisa has a beautiful smile and I loved seeing them have so much fun with each other. As we explored Spanish Oaks Ranch together, I really got to see her wonderful personality shine. She and Jason are a great couple and I’m so excited for their wedding!

Exploring Spanish Oaks Ranch

After we broke the ice at the barn, we headed down to the pond for a change of scenery. By now, they were much more comfortable with me and they were starting to see that this engagement photo session was actually fun! That’s my goal! If my couples have fun, they don’t have to feel like it’s picture day.

Wardrobe Changes

I always recommend having at least two different outfits for engagement photos. One outfit should be pants or something super casual. This way, we can get piggy back rides and the less formal phots. The second outfit should be a bit more formal. I like to suggest a long, flowy dress for the girls and a solid color coordinating shirt for the guys. These outfits are perfect for the more romantic photos.

Ranch Photos

We wrapped up the engagement session in one of the fields by the barn. Jason and Kirisa had one request…at least one photo with a cow in it. Well, I’m happy to report that we were able to get a photo with a cow. The cow nearest us cooperated just long enough for a photo or two, then casually walked away, wanting nothing to do with our photo shoot.

The fields at Spanish Oaks Ranch are amazing. Not only to they offer the rolling hills that are so typical of the Central Coast, but they have gorgeous oak trees scattered throughout them. These are among my favorite photo from this engagement session. I just love a wide, open field!

Final Thoughts

Spanish Oaks Ranch was a wonderful venue for this engagement session and I can hardly wait for Jason and Kirisa’s wedding there. Every time I photograph at the ranch, I love it more. If you’re looking for a spot for your own engagement photos, I highly recommend Spanish Oaks Ranch.

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