Wedding Albums

Wedding albums are a must have for every couple! They offer a beautiful way to showcase your wedding images with a timeless, heirloom quality that will last for generations.

Tons of options make your album fully customizable and they make a great gift to thank your parents for all the support and help with the wedding planning.

wedding album with a full page spread

Full Page Spreads

One of my favorite things to do is design albums that my clients love. It’s wonderful when my clients fall in love with their album as much as I do and being able to design each page with the images that mean the most to you is just one of the reasons I love creating albums.

Pages in the heirloom albums are virtually seamless and a single image can be highlighted by spreading across two pages.

Looking down on the page thickness of the wedding album

Thick Pages

The thick pages of the heirloom albums makes them durable and extremely long lasting. I encourage you to come to the studio and feel the difference. There’s really nothing like having this type of album in your hands and when it’s full of your own photos, it’s amazing.

wedding album showing the corners of the thick pages

Family Heirlooms

Your wedding album will be passed down from generation to generation as a wonderful memory of the love you share and how you celebrated each other. Albums offer so much more than just pages. They offer a sense of belonging. They bring us closer together and start meaningful family conversations. They bring back memories that you thought were lost forever. They bring families together!

That’s why albums are included in every one of our standard wedding packages. We want you to have the very best and we will work with you to create an album you absolutely love.

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