weddin party at Loma Grande Ranch

Loma Grande Ranch is this great wedding venue in Edna Valley just outside of San Luis Obispo. Recently, I have had the opportunity to photograph several weddings there and I have really fallen in love with the place!

The venue offers scenic views of San Luis Obispo and you can really tell they love it when they get to host a wedding.

Bride and groom smiling while walking into the reception at Loma Grande Ranch

Today, I want to share some of my favorites from my Loma Grande Ranch wedding photography portfolio. Some, I love for the floral design and others I love for the overall San Luis Obispo vibe. Most, I love just because.

Loma Grange Ranch Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is one of my very favorite things and being part of a wedding day is always an honor. Many times, the wedding industry can be labeled as a party industry. While a party is an aspect of every wedding, the wedding industry is much more than that. Your wedding vendors are this amazing team that comes together to bring your dreams to life! From the coordination to the catering and the videography to the photography, we all become like family and quickly become friends. Every event we do holds a special place in our heart and every bride and groom becomes part of our family.

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