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What To Wear For
Engagement Photos

Most couples only take engagement photos once. You’ve never done this before and probably never will again. So it’s normal to need a little guidance when it comes to your wardrobe for engagement photos. Most couples have no idea where to start. Well, I’m here to help with that.

Have More Than One Option

I recommend at least two outfits for each of you. This will add variety to your engagement photos and allow for different prompts when we are taking pictures. For instance, it would be much more difficult to give piggy back rides in a dress, but I can’t have a flowing dress blowing in the wind with jeans.

Engagement sessions with me usually last about an hour, so there’s plenty of time for wardrobe changes. Having more than two outfits is totally fine, if you have several that you love.

Start With The Dress

Long, flowy dresses have a way of making any girl feel pretty and I highly recommend having one for your engagement photos. This is the first thing I always suggest when people ask me what to wear for engagement photos.

Start with the dress and work from there. Guys should wear solid colors that go well with the dress. If the dress is patterned, choose one of the colors on the dress and wear a shirt that same color. Button up shirts are best to go with the dress.

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Something Casual

Now that you’ve got the dress taken care of, choose something more casual. Jeans and a nice blouse for the girls and jeans with a solid T-shirt for the guys. This is the outfit you want for sitting on the ground or giving piggy back rides.

You’ll be having a lot of fun and moving around a lot in this outfit, so be sure it’s something that won’t make you feel stiff. Be comfortable in this second outfit.

Something Cozy

A third option works really well in the cooler months. I know, I know…that’s rare in Southern California, but hear me out. Imagine you’re in a log cabin in the woods, cuddled up by the fireplace with a warm cup of hot cocoa. Doesn’t that sound awesome?

Now let’s get pictures of that for you to remember forever! That’s the idea.

Be Comfortable

Whatever you choose to wear for engagement photos, make sure you are comfortable. If you aren’t comfortable, it will show in the pictures. I promise. Let your style shine and your pictures will be amazing.

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