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Wedding Guest Lists

Creating a wedding guest list is no easy task. In this post, I’ll talk about things to consider, what you need to plan for and what you can expect from your guest list. I’ll also include an editable guest list template for you to use and keep track of all your guests and their needs.

What is the average wedding guest list?

The average wedding guest list includes 75-100 people. Of course, your wedding may contain many more or significantly fewer, but this is the average.

Be sure to ask your parents who they would like to invite as well. Weddings are a great time to see family and your parents will likely have a lot of input when it comes to the guest list. It can be as simple as asking them for a written list. Or as much as inviting them over to help you create the list. Be sure to keep things equal among your parents, so no one gets their feelings accidentally hurt. That’s the last thing you want at your wedding.

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How much does a 100 guest wedding cost?

There are many, many factors that will determine the overall cost of your wedding. But you can expect to spend about $40,000 on a wedding with 100 guests. The wedding guest template includes a section for you to add the meal cost for each guest, so you can easily keep track of how much you’ll spend per person.

Things that will increase the cost of your wedding include video services, additional floral arrangements (both of which I highly recommend) and even the venue. A great venue will likely not come cheap, but can easily mean the difference between having a great planning experience and having a miserable, stressful experience. The entertainment can also drive up the price. I don’t recommend skimping in this area. I’ve seen an inexperienced DJ do little to keep the party alive and guests left very early. A good DJ knows how to keep a crowd happy and your guests having a great time.

When should you send out the wedding invitations?

Save the date cards can be sent out even a year in advance. The invitation suite should be sent out 2-3 months before the wedding to allow for RSVP cards to be returned.

Be sure to reach out to anyone who has not returned an RSVP card. They likely have simply forgotten to put it in the mail.

Editable Wedding Guest List Template

This template was designed to help you keep track of not only the guests and their contact information, but several other things as well. You can assign certain meals to the guests as well as keep track of the cost of the meals. You’ll easily be able to see how many of each meal you need to order.

Each guest can be assigned a table number and you can easily keep track of their plus one as well.

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