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Spanish Oaks Ranch in norther San Luis Obispo county is an expansive venue with countless amazing photo opportunities. The venue offers a variety of settings from the chic redwood barn to any of the three ponds on the property to the wide open fields where cattle roam. Wedding portraits at Spanish Oaks Ranch are always amazing. There are countless locations that are all accessible to the bride and groom and they owners are just fantastic.

Here are my top spots for wedding portraits at Spanish Oaks Ranch.

The Main Pond

This pond is right behind the barn and is easily accessible by the main road or a small walking trail behind the barn. It’s a great spot from many different angles. One of my favorite angles is from the road, looking across the pond to the main barn. Close to the main barn, the pond also features a deck that’s great for water-side ceremonies or just a quick retreat from the busy reception.

Spanish Oaks Ranch wedding venue

Open Fields

My second favorite spot is the open field area with a few oak trees. There are many different spots on the property that would fit this, but this one in particular is just a short drive in the golf card the venue provides. The light at sunset is perfect in the field and the beautiful oak trees made a wonderful backdrop for the sunset wedding portraits. Walking out into the field is quick and easy. It’s well worth the time it takes to get there and you won’t be disappointed in the pictures!

bride and groom laughing in an open field

Birch Trees

When looking for a place for the wedding party photos, I was trying to find something close to the main building, so we could keep to the timeline a little easier. I saw this little group of birch trees with beautiful white bark and I knew it was the right spot for us. This group of trees is just outside the main barn and is a great, shady spot for wedding portraits.

The area with the birch trees is ideal for small groups or even the first look. Larger groups would be a much tighter fit and would probably benefit from another area altogether.

bride covering grooms eyes for the first look

Creek Area

Another great spot is just outside the creek area. There are a couple of cute foot bridges on the way before the trail opens up on some large trees. On a cloudy day, this would probably be my go-to spot for all the formal wedding party photos. On a sunny day, I still like it, but the light can be a little spotty. The large tree makes for a great background.

This spot should be reserved for summer and fall weddings due to the tree coverage. It’s a beautiful location when the trees are full, but can be a little bland in winter and early spring before the leaves come in. The bright pop of green is what I love most about this location.

bride and groom stand together in front of a tree

Main Barn Doors

In front of the main barn is the signature look for Spanish Oaks Ranch. It’s one of the main spots that people look for when they think of wedding portraits at Spanish Oaks Ranch. The unique coloring and shape of the doors makes this a favorite spot among wedding photographers and couples alike.

The front of the barn is great for all sizes of wedding parties and it’s a must-have spot on your list for wedding photos. The sun can be a bit harsh on this side of the barn, so save these photos for later in the day when the sun is behind the barn.

VW Bus outside the barn doors at Spanish Oaks Ranch

Spanish Oaks Ranch is this magical gem in the heart of San Luis Obispo County and I really can’t get enough of it. The property is one of those places that fits just about everyone’s style. Weddings at Spanish Oaks are never dull and the property is so well maintained.

The large barn ensures that no matter the weather, your wedding won’t get rained out. I’ve seen the venue move everything inside the barn at a moment’s notice and they did it all with a smile.

Dani is the coordinator at the venue and she is truly a pleasure to work with. Her easy-going style makes every bride feel comfortable and her professionalism makes every wedding perfect. I really cannot recommend Spanish Oaks Ranch enough when it comes to wedding venues.

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