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You won’t regret it…

I’ve photographed a lot of weddings and I’ve heard a lot along the way. One aspect that always sticks with me is the things the bride wished she did differently. Some things seem to be common among brides, so I thought I would save you from having the same regrets.

Here is my list of the 4 most common things brides regret.


We all want those beautiful shoes for the wedding. I get it! Those perfect heels are great for photos and during the ceremony. But during the reception, you’ll feel differently. I promise. Most brides end up not wearing any shoes at all by the end of the night, but not until they have horrible blisters on their heels.

Instead, bring a pair of flats for the reception and change into them after the sunset photos are done. That way, you can enjoy the dance floor without to pain of beautiful but uncomfortable shoes.

While you’re at it, consider a second wedding dress. This reception dress is smaller than the ceremony and photo dress. It allows you to move more freely and is much lighter weight so you can stay cool, even on those hot summer evenings.

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Not eating enough before the ceremony.

Most brides don’t realize that they haven’t eaten all day by the time the ceremony starts. The excitement of the day and being surrounded by your best friends can make it easy to forget to eat a meal. Adding a little champagne can make things even worse. Before you know it, you feel terrible and begin to wonder if your nerves are getting the best of you.

It’s a good idea to designate a friend to make sure you eat enough before the wedding. Put them in charge of bringing you water and snacks throughout the day and you’ll feel amazing when you need it the most.

Not hiring a professional wedding photographer.

Professional photographers have the experience that can transform your wedding day from a stressful event to a smooth, carefree wedding. They know how to make an overbearing mom feel comfortable and how to keep that groomsman who drank too much in check. I promise, the price you pay for a professional is worth every penny.

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Not hiring a professional wedding videographer.

It’s natural to want to save money when planning your wedding. I mean, weddings are expensive! One of the first items to get cut is the videographer. It makes sense, until you get back from the honeymoon and you want to share some dance stories with your new spouse. You may want to hear those wedding vows one more time. You might want to remind your spouse just how amazing they look on the dance floor. Maybe, you had a choreographed first dance, but it wasn’t on video. These moments are best captured by a professional videographer. Don’t skimp in this area…you might regret it later.

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